Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tree Falls

The past few days of bad weather has taken its toll on our park trees.


I was quite dismayed when I saw several uprooted trees in Punggol Park as I embarked on my weekend plant photography trip. Above is a Dalbergia oliveri which have been on that spot for many years, till now.


This uprooted tree, Tabebuia rosea is being sawing into pieces by the contractors for disposal. Another tree with a mistletoe growing on it at face-level had its trunk snapped. I have been waiting for the parasitic plant to flower and fruits so that I can collect their photographs, but it is likely that the tree will be removed after this incident.

Its such a pity that these greenery which have been part of the park landscape for so many years is gone.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A new Clover-leaf Desmodium in Singapore?

I’m back in Bidadari Cemetery to finish up taking photos of plants before the place is razed to become a HDB estate. Together with another enthusiastic lover of wildflowers, we went searching for macro subjects.


One of the oddities I found was this little herb. The leaves are clearly Desmodium triflorum but the flowers are white instead of purple!


The purple flower Desmodium triflorium grows just beside the white one on the same grass patch. I tried to see if they belong to the same individuals by tracing their creeping horizontal stems but they are apparently not.


This is another similar species, Desmodium heterophyllum but it has larger leaves and the flowers are also starkly different close-up. The white flower Desmodium however is similar to D. triflorium in every aspect. I wonder if it is a variety or an entirely new species yet to be recorded in Singapore? :x

Update: Was just updated that this might indeed be just a variety of Desmodium triflorium. Oh well..

Monday, December 24, 2012

My new website!

This took me 6 full months of hard work, from one who only knows how to read a few lines of html to designing an entire website from scratch. So here, I am proud to announce my new website: Urban Forest: An Identification Guide to the Flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia @


Join its FACEBOOK page to keep yourself updated about the latest species featured in this website!

A gratitude for the Botany Lab in NUS where I worked for the past 3 years. Almost everything in this website is from what I have absorbed and learnt from through the guidance and patience of my colleagues and boss.

Thanks also to Long and Ron for their advice on web design and pushing me to set a higher standard for myself. Some will probably squirm in terror if they see version 1 of my website. Haha~

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